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The toplevel command creates a new toplevel widget (given by the pathName argument). Additional options, described above, may be specified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the toplevel such as its background color and relief. The toplevel command returns the path name of the new window.

A toplevel is similar to a frame except that it is created as a top-level window: its X parent is the root window of a screen rather than the logical parent from its path name. The primary purpose of a toplevel is to serve as a container for dialog boxes and other collections of widgets. The only features of a toplevel are its background color and an optional 3-D border to make the toplevel appear raised or sunken.

Two special command-line options may be provided to the toplevel command: :class and :screen. If :class is specified, then the new widget's class will be set to className instead of Toplevel. Changing the class of a toplevel widget may be useful in order to use a special class name in database options referring to this widget and its children. The :screen option may be used to place the window on a different screen than the window's logical parent. Any valid screen name may be used, even one associated with a different display.

Note: :class and :screen are handled differently than other command-line options. They may not be specified using the option database (these options must have been processed before the new window has been created enough to use the option database; in particular, the new class name will affect the lookup of options in the database). In addition, :class and :screen may not be queried or changed using the config command described below. However, the winfo :class command may be used to query the class of a window, and winfo :screen may be used to query its screen.

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