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Arguments for Message

Name="aspect" Class="Aspect"

Specifies a non-negative integer value indicating desired aspect ratio for the text. The aspect ratio is specified as 100*width/height. 100 means the text should be as wide as it is tall, 200 means the text should be twice as wide as it is tall, 50 means the text should be twice as tall as it is wide, and so on. Used to choose line length for text if width option isn't specified. Defaults to 150.

Name="justify" Class="Justify"

Specifies how to justify lines of text. Must be one of left, center, or right. Defaults to left. This option works together with the anchor, aspect, padX, padY, and width options to provide a variety of arrangements of the text within the window. The aspect and width options determine the amount of screen space needed to display the text. The anchor, padX, and padY options determine where this rectangular area is displayed within the widget's window, and the justify option determines how each line is displayed within that rectangular region. For example, suppose anchor is e and justify is left, and that the message window is much larger than needed for the text. The the text will displayed so that the left edges of all the lines line up and the right edge of the longest line is padX from the right side of the window; the entire text block will be centered in the vertical span of the window.

Name="width" Class="Width"

Specifies the length of lines in the window. The value may have any of the forms acceptable to Tk_GetPixels. If this option has a value greater than zero then the aspect option is ignored and the width option determines the line length. If this option has a value less than or equal to zero, then the aspect option determines the line length.

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