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Arguments for Text

Name="height" Class="Height"

Specifies the desired height for the window, in units of characters. Must be at least one.

Name="state" Class="State"

Specifies one of two states for the text: normal or disabled. If the text is disabled then characters may not be inserted or deleted and no insertion cursor will be displayed, even if the input focus is in the widget.

Name="width" Class="Width"

Specifies the desired width for the window in units of characters. If the font doesn't have a uniform width then the width of the character "0" is used in translating from character units to screen units.

Name="wrap" Class="Wrap"

Specifies how to handle lines in the text that are too long to be displayed in a single line of the text's window. The value must be none or char or word. A wrap mode of none means that each line of text appears as exactly one line on the screen; extra characters that don't fit on the screen are not displayed. In the other modes each line of text will be broken up into several screen lines if necessary to keep all the characters visible. In char mode a screen line break may occur after any character; in word mode a line break will only be made at word boundaries.

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