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1.5.1 Widget Functions

The rule is that the first argument for a widget function is a keyword, called the option. The pattern of the remaining arguments depends completely on the option argument. Thus

(.hello option ?arg1? ?arg2? ...)

One option which is permitted for every widget function is :configure. The argument pattern following it is the same keyword/value pair list which is used in widget creation. For a button widget, the other valid options are :deactivate, :flash, and :invoke. To find these, since .hello was constructed with the button constructor, you should see See section 2.1 button. The argument pattern for other options depends completely on the option and the widget function. For example if .scrollbar is a scroll bar window, then the option :set must be followed by 4 numeric arguments, which indicate how the scrollbar should be displayed, see See section 2.6 scrollbar.

(.scrollbar :set a1 a2 a3 a4)

If on the other hand .scale is a scale (see section 2.3 scale), then we have

(.scale :set a1 )
only one numeric argument should be supplied, in order to position the scale.

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