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8.2 The Configuration Pragmas Files

In GNAT a compilation environment is defined by the current directory at the time that a compile command is given. This current directory is searched for a file whose name is `gnat.adc'. If this file is present, it is expected to contain one or more configuration pragmas that will be applied to the current compilation. However, if the switch `-gnatA' is used, `gnat.adc' is not considered.

Configuration pragmas may be entered into the `gnat.adc' file either by running gnatchop on a source file that consists only of configuration pragmas, or more conveniently by direct editing of the `gnat.adc' file, which is a standard format source file.

In addition to `gnat.adc', one additional file containing configuration pragmas may be applied to the current compilation using the switch `-gnatec'path. path must designate an existing file that contains only configuration pragmas. These configuration pragmas are in addition to those found in `gnat.adc' (provided `gnat.adc' is present and switch `-gnatA' is not used).

It is allowed to specify several switches `-gnatec', however only the last one on the command line will be taken into account.

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