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7.5 Examples of gnatchop Usage

gnatchop -w hello_s.ada ichbiah/files

Chops the source file `hello_s.ada'. The output files will be placed in the directory `^ichbiah/files^[ICHBIAH.FILES]^', overwriting any files with matching names in that directory (no files in the current directory are modified).

gnatchop ^archive^ARCHIVE.^
Chops the source file `^archive^ARCHIVE.^' into the current directory. One useful application of gnatchop is in sending sets of sources around, for example in email messages. The required sources are simply concatenated (for example, using a ^Unix cat^VMS APPEND/NEW^ command), and then gnatchop is used at the other end to reconstitute the original file names.

gnatchop file1 file2 file3 direc
Chops all units in files `file1', `file2', `file3', placing the resulting files in the directory `direc'. Note that if any units occur more than once anywhere within this set of files, an error message is generated, and no files are written. To override this check, use the ^-w^/OVERWRITE^ switch, in which case the last occurrence in the last file will be the one that is output, and earlier duplicate occurrences for a given unit will be skipped.

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