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23. Running and Debugging Ada Programs

This chapter discusses how to debug Ada programs. An incorrect Ada program may be handled in three ways by the GNAT compiler:

  1. The illegality may be a violation of the static semantics of Ada. In that case GNAT diagnoses the constructs in the program that are illegal. It is then a straightforward matter for the user to modify those parts of the program.

  2. The illegality may be a violation of the dynamic semantics of Ada. In that case the program compiles and executes, but may generate incorrect results, or may terminate abnormally with some exception.

  3. When presented with a program that contains convoluted errors, GNAT itself may terminate abnormally without providing full diagnostics on the incorrect user program.

23.1 The GNAT Debugger GDB  
23.2 Running GDB  
23.3 Introduction to GDB Commands  
23.4 Using Ada Expressions  
23.5 Calling User-Defined Subprograms  
23.6 Using the Next Command in a Function  
23.7 Breaking on Ada Exceptions  
23.8 Ada Tasks  
23.9 Debugging Generic Units  
23.10 GNAT Abnormal Termination or Failure to Terminate  
23.11 Naming Conventions for GNAT Source Files  
23.12 Getting Internal Debugging Information  
23.13 Stack Traceback  

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