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21.5 Running gnatelim

gnatelim has the following command-line interface:

$ gnatelim [options] name

name should be a full expanded Ada name of a main subprogram of a program (partition).

gnatelim options:

Quiet mode: by default gnatelim generates to the standard error stream a trace of the source file names of the compilation units being processed. This option turns this trace off.

Verbose mode: gnatelim version information is printed as Ada comments to the standard output stream.

Also look for subprograms from the GNAT run time that can be eliminated.

Check if any tree files are missing for an accurate result.

When looking for tree files also look in directory dir

Specifies bind_file as the bind file to process. If not set, the name of the bind file is computed from the full expanded Ada name of a main subprogram.

Activate internal debugging switches. x is a letter or digit, or string of letters or digits, which specifies the type of debugging mode desired. Normally these are used only for internal development or system debugging purposes. You can find full documentation for these switches in the body of the Gnatelim.Options unit in the compiler source file `gnatelim-options.adb'.

gnatelim sends its output to the standard output stream, and all the tracing and debug information is sent to the standard error stream. In order to produce a proper GNAT configuration file `gnat.adc', redirection must be used:

$ gnatelim Main_Prog > gnat.adc


$ gnatelim Main_Prog >> gnat.adc

In order to append the gnatelim output to the existing contents of `gnat.adc'.

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