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18.3 Switches for gnatmem

gnatmem recognizes the following switches:

Quiet. Gives the minimum output needed to identify the origin of the memory leaks. Omit statistical information.

N is an integer literal (usually between 1 and 10) which controls the depth of the backtraces defining allocation root. The default value for N is 1. The deeper the backtrace, the more precise the localization of the root. Note that the total number of roots can depend on this parameter.

-o file
Direct the gdb output to the specified file. The gdb script used to generate this output is also saved in the file `gnatmem.tmp'.

-i file
Do the gnatmem processing starting from `file' which has been generated by a previous call to gnatmem with the -o switch or `gmem.out' produced by GMEM mode. This is useful for post mortem processing.

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