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15.3 Example of gnatls Usage

Example of using the verbose switch. Note how the source and object paths are affected by the ^-I^/SEARCH^ switch.

$ gnatls -v -I.. demo1.o

GNATLS 3.10w (970212) Copyright 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Source Search Path:

Object Search Path:

   Unit =>
     Name   => demo1
     Kind   => subprogram body
     Flags  => No_Elab_Code
     Source => demo1.adb    modified

The following is an example of use of the dependency list. Note the use of the -s switch which gives a straight list of source files. This can be useful for building specialized scripts.

$ gnatls -d demo2.o
./demo2.o   demo2        OK demo2.adb
                         OK gen_list.ads
                         OK gen_list.adb
                         OK instr.ads
                         OK instr-child.ads

$ gnatls -d -s -a demo1.o

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