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10.12 Switches Related to Project Files

The following switches are used by GNAT tools that support project files:

Indicates the name of a project file. This project file will be parsed with the verbosity indicated by `-vPx', if any, and using the external references indicated by `-X' switches, if any.

There must be only one `-P' switch on the command line.

Since the Project Manager parses the project file only after all the switches on the command line are checked, the order of the switches `-P', `-Vpx' or `-X' is not significant.

Indicates that external variable name has the value value. The Project Manager will use this value for occurrences of external(name) when parsing the project file.

If name or value includes a space, then name=value should be put between quotes.
  -X"user=John Doe"

Several `-X' switches can be used simultaneously. If several `-X' switches specify the same name, only the last one is used.

An external variable specified with a `-X' switch takes precedence over the value of the same name in the environment.

Indicates the verbosity of the parsing of GNAT project files. `-vP0' means Default (no output for syntactically correct project files); `-vP1' means Medium; `-vP2' means High. The default is Default. If several `-vPx' switches are present, only the last one is used.

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