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10.3 Project File Syntax

10.3.1 Basic Syntax  
10.3.2 Packages  
10.3.3 Expressions  
10.3.4 String Types  
10.3.5 Variables  
10.3.6 Attributes  
10.3.7 Associative Array Attributes  
10.3.8 case Constructions  

This section describes the structure of project files.

A project may be an independent project, entirely defined by a single project file. Any Ada source file in an independent project depends only on the predefined library and other Ada source files in the same project.

A project may also depend on other projects, in either or both of the following ways:

The dependence relation is a directed acyclic graph (the subgraph reflecting the "extends" relation is a tree).

A project's immediate sources are the source files directly defined by that project, either implicitly by residing in the project file's directory, or explicitly through any of the source-related attributes described below. More generally, a project proj's sources are the immediate sources of proj together with the immediate sources (unless overridden) of any project on which proj depends (either directly or indirectly).

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