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Guide to GNU gcj

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10.14.2 Example

The following code demonstrates the use of the invocation API. In this example, the C++ application initializes the Java runtime and attaches itself. The java.lang.System class is initialized in order to access its out field, and a Java string is printed. Finally, the thread is detached from the runtime once it has finished making Java calls. Everything is wrapped with a try/catch block to provide a default handler for any uncaught exceptions.

The example can be compiled with c++ test.cc -lgcj.

// test.cc
#include <gcj/cni.h>
#include <java/lang/System.h>
#include <java/io/PrintStream.h>
#include <java/lang/Throwable.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv)
  using namespace java::lang;
    JvAttachCurrentThread(NULL, NULL);

    String *message = JvNewStringLatin1("Hello from C++");

  catch (Throwable *t)
    System::err->println(JvNewStringLatin1("Unhandled Java exception:"));

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