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Guide to GNU gcj

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10.7 Object allocation

New Java objects are allocated using a class instance creation expression, e.g.:

new Type ( ... )

The same syntax is used in C++. The main difference is that C++ objects have to be explicitly deleted; in Java they are automatically deleted by the garbage collector. Using CNI, you can allocate a new Java object using standard C++ syntax and the C++ compiler will allocate memory from the garbage collector. If you have overloaded constructors, the compiler will choose the correct one using standard C++ overload resolution rules.

For example:

java::util::Hashtable *ht = new java::util::Hashtable(120);

Function: void* _Jv_AllocBytes (jsize size)
Allocates size bytes from the heap. The memory is not scanned by the garbage collector but it freed if no references to it are discovered.

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