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Guide to GNU gcj

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10.2 Packages

The only global names in Java are class names, and packages. A package can contain zero or more classes, and also zero or more sub-packages. Every class belongs to either an unnamed package or a package that has a hierarchical and globally unique name.

A Java package is mapped to a C++ namespace. The Java class java.lang.String is in the package java.lang, which is a sub-package of java. The C++ equivalent is the class java::lang::String, which is in the namespace java::lang which is in the namespace java.

Here is how you could express this:

(// Declare the class(es), possibly in a header file:
namespace java {
  namespace lang {
    class Object;
    class String;

class java::lang::String : public java::lang::Object

The gcjh tool automatically generates the nessary namespace declarations.

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