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Guide to GNU gcj

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10. About CNI

This documents CNI, the Cygnus Native Interface, which is is a convenient way to write Java native methods using C++. This is a more efficient, more convenient, but less portable alternative to the standard JNI (Java Native Interface).

10.1 Basic concepts  Introduction to using CNI.
10.2 Packages  How packages are mapped to C++.
10.3 Primitive types  Handling Java types in C++.
10.4 Interfaces  How Java interfaces map to C++.
10.5 Objects and Classes  C++ and Java classes.
10.6 Class Initialization  How objects are initialized.
10.7 Object allocation  How to create Java objects in C++.
10.8 Arrays  Dealing with Java arrays in C++.
10.9 Methods  Java methods in C++.
10.10 Strings  Information about Java Strings.
10.11 Interoperating with C/C++  How CNI can interoperate with C++.
10.12 Exception Handling  How exceptions are handled.
10.13 Synchronization  Synchronizing between Java and C++.
10.14 Invocation  Starting the Java runtime from C++.
10.15 Reflection  Using reflection from C++.

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