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Guide to GNU gcj

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7. Invoking jv-convert

jv-convert [`OPTION'] ... [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]

jv-convert is a utility included with libgcj which converts a file from one encoding to another. It is similar to the Unix iconv utility.

The encodings supported by jv-convert are platform-dependent. Currently there is no way to get a list of all supported encodings.

--encoding name
--from name
Use name as the input encoding. The default is the current locale's encoding.

--to name
Use name as the output encoding. The default is the JavaSrc encoding; this is ASCII with `\u' escapes for non-ASCII characters.

-i file
Read from file. The default is to read from standard input.

-o file
Write to file. The default is to write to standard output.

Swap the input and output encodings.

Print a help message, then exit.

Print version information, then exit.

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