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Guide to GNU gcj

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Guide to GNU gcj

This manual describes how to use gcj, the GNU compiler for the Java programming language. gcj can generate both `.class' files and object files, and it can read both Java source code and `.class' files.

GNU Free Documentation License  How you can share and copy this manual
1. Invoking gcj  Compiler options supported by gcj
2. Compatibility with the Java Platform  Compatibility between gcj and other tools for Java
3. Invoking gcjh  Generate header files from class files
4. Invoking jv-scan  Print information about source files
5. Invoking jcf-dump  Print information about class files
6. Invoking gij  Interpreting Java bytecodes
7. Invoking jv-convert  Converting from one encoding to another
8. Invoking rmic  Generate stubs for Remote Method Invocation.
9. Invoking rmiregistry  The remote object registry.
10. About CNI  Description of the Cygnus Native Interface
11. Resources  Where to look for more information

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