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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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9.18 Instruction Attributes

In addition to describing the instruction supported by the target machine, the `md' file also defines a group of attributes and a set of values for each. Every generated insn is assigned a value for each attribute. One possible attribute would be the effect that the insn has on the machine's condition code. This attribute can then be used by NOTICE_UPDATE_CC to track the condition codes.

9.18.1 Defining Attributes and their Values  Specifying attributes and their values.
9.18.2 Attribute Expressions  Valid expressions for attribute values.
9.18.3 Assigning Attribute Values to Insns  Assigning attribute values to insns.
9.18.4 Example of Attribute Specifications  An example of assigning attributes.
9.18.5 Computing the Length of an Insn  Computing the length of insns.
9.18.6 Constant Attributes  Defining attributes that are constant.
9.18.7 Delay Slot Scheduling  Defining delay slots required for a machine.
9.18.8 Specifying Function Units  Specifying information for insn scheduling.

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