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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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9.16 Including Patterns in Machine Descriptions.

The include pattern tells the compiler tools where to look for patterns that are in files other than in the file `.md'. This is used only at build time and there is no preprocessing allowed.

It looks like:


For example:

(include "filestuff")

Where pathname is a string that specifies the the location of the file, specifies the include file to be in `gcc/config/target/filestuff'. The directory `gcc/config/target' is regarded as the default directory.

Machine descriptions may be split up into smaller more manageable subsections and placed into subdirectories.

By specifying:

(include "BOGUS/filestuff")

the include file is specified to be in `gcc/config/target/BOGUS/filestuff'.

Specifying an absolute path for the include file such as;
(include "/u2/BOGUS/filestuff")

is permitted but is not encouraged.

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