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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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5.3 The `gcc' Subdirectory

The `gcc' directory contains many files that are part of the C sources of GCC, other files used as part of the configuration and build process, and subdirectories including documentation and a test suite. The files that are sources of GCC are documented in a separate chapter. See section Passes and Files of the Compiler.

5.3.1 Subdirectories of `gcc'  
5.3.2 Configuration in the `gcc' Directory  The configuration process, and the files it uses.
5.3.3 Build System in the `gcc' Directory  The build system in the `gcc' directory.
5.3.4 Makefile Targets  Targets in `gcc/Makefile'.
5.3.5 Library Source Files and Headers under the `gcc' Directory  Library source files and headers under `gcc/'.
5.3.6 Headers Installed by GCC  Headers installed by GCC.
5.3.7 Building Documentation  Building documentation in GCC.
5.3.8 Anatomy of a Language Front End  Anatomy of a language front end.
5.3.9 Anatomy of a Target Back End  Anatomy of a target back end.

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