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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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5.2 Top Level Source Directory

The top level source directory in a GCC distribution contains several files and directories that are shared with other software distributions such as that of GNU Binutils. It also contains several subdirectories that contain parts of GCC and its runtime libraries:

The Boehm conservative garbage collector, used as part of the Java runtime library.

Contributed scripts that may be found useful in conjunction with GCC. One of these, `contrib/texi2pod.pl', is used to generate man pages from Texinfo manuals as part of the GCC build process.

An implementation of the jar command, used with the Java front end.

The main sources of GCC itself (except for runtime libraries), including optimizers, support for different target architectures, language front ends, and test suites. See section The `gcc' Subdirectory, for details.

Headers for the libiberty library.

The Fortran runtime library.

The libffi library, used as part of the Java runtime library.

The libiberty library, used for portability and for some generally useful data structures and algorithms. See section `Introduction' in GNU libiberty, for more information about this library.

The Java runtime library.

The Objective-C runtime library.

The C++ runtime library.

Scripts used by the gccadmin account on gcc.gnu.org.

The zlib compression library, used by the Java front end and as part of the Java runtime library.

The build system in the top level directory, including how recursion into subdirectories works and how building runtime libraries for multilibs is handled, is documented in a separate manual, included with GNU Binutils. See section `GNU configure and build system' in The GNU configure and build system, for details.

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