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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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5.4.3 The Java library test suites.

Runtime tests are executed via `make check' from the `testsuite' directory of the libjava hierarchy in the build tree. Additional runtime tests can be checked into this testsuite.

Regression testing of the core packages in libgcj is also covered by the Mauve test suite. The Mauve Project develops tests for the Java Class Libraries. These tests are run as part of libgcj testing by specifying the location of the Mauve tree when invoking `make', as in `make MAUVEDIR=~/mauve check'.

The Jacks project provides a test suite for Java compilers that can be used to test changes that affect the GCJ front end. There is no automated mechanism to run the Jacks suite as part of GCJ testing.

We encourage developers to contribute test cases to Mauve and Jacks.

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