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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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Each language subdirectory contains a `config-lang.in' file. This file is a shell script that may define some variables describing the language:

This definition must be present, and gives the name of the language for some purposes such as arguments to `--enable-languages'.
If defined, this variable lists (space-separated) language front ends other than C that this front end requires to be enabled (with the names given being their language settings). For example, the Java front end depends on the C++ front end, so sets `lang_requires=c++'.
If defined, this variable lists (space-separated) targets in the top level `Makefile' to build the runtime libraries for this language, such as target-libobjc.
If defined, this variable lists (space-separated) top level directories (parallel to `gcc'), apart from the runtime libraries, that should not be configured if this front end is not built.
If defined to `no', this language front end is not built unless enabled in a `--enable-languages' argument. Otherwise, front ends are built by default, subject to any special logic in `configure.in' (as is present to disable the Ada front end if the Ada compiler is not already installed).
If defined to `yes', this front end is built in stage 1 of the bootstrap. This is only relevant to front ends written in their own languages.
If defined, a space-separated list of compiler executables that should be installed in `libsubdir'. The names here will each end with `\$(exeext)'.
If defined, a space-separated list of files that should be moved to the `stagen' directories in each stage of bootstrap.
If defined, a space-separated list of files that should be generated by `configure' substituting values in them. This mechanism can be used to create a file `language/Makefile' from `language/Makefile.in', but this is deprecated, building everything from the single `gcc/Makefile' is preferred.

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