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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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10.21 Controlling Debugging Information Format

This describes how to specify debugging information.

10.21.1 Macros Affecting All Debugging Formats  Macros that affect all debugging formats uniformly.
10.21.2 Specific Options for DBX Output  Macros enabling specific options in DBX format.
10.21.3 Open-Ended Hooks for DBX Format  Hook macros for varying DBX format.
10.21.4 File Names in DBX Format  Macros controlling output of file names in DBX format.
10.21.5 Macros for SDB and DWARF Output  Macros for SDB (COFF) and DWARF formats.
10.21.6 Macros for VMS Debug Format  Macros for VMS debug format.

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