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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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10.20 Defining the Output Assembler Language

This section describes macros whose principal purpose is to describe how to write instructions in assembler language--rather than what the instructions do.

10.20.1 The Overall Framework of an Assembler File  Structural information for the assembler file.
10.20.2 Output of Data  Output of constants (numbers, strings, addresses).
10.20.3 Output of Uninitialized Variables  Output of uninitialized variables.
10.20.4 Output and Generation of Labels  Output and generation of labels.
10.20.5 How Initialization Functions Are Handled  General principles of initialization and termination routines.
10.20.6 Macros Controlling Initialization Routines  Specific macros that control the handling of initialization and termination routines.
10.20.7 Output of Assembler Instructions  Output of actual instructions.
10.20.8 Output of Dispatch Tables  Output of jump tables.
10.20.9 Assembler Commands for Exception Regions  Output of exception region code.
10.20.10 Assembler Commands for Alignment  Pseudo ops for alignment and skipping data.

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