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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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10.8 Register Usage

This section explains how to describe what registers the target machine has, and how (in general) they can be used.

The description of which registers a specific instruction can use is done with register classes; see 10.9 Register Classes. For information on using registers to access a stack frame, see 10.10.4 Registers That Address the Stack Frame. For passing values in registers, see 10.10.7 Passing Arguments in Registers. For returning values in registers, see 10.10.8 How Scalar Function Values Are Returned.

10.8.1 Basic Characteristics of Registers  Number and kinds of registers.
10.8.2 Order of Allocation of Registers  Order in which registers are allocated.
10.8.3 How Values Fit in Registers  What kinds of values each reg can hold.
10.8.4 Handling Leaf Functions  Renumbering registers for leaf functions.
10.8.5 Registers That Form a Stack  Handling a register stack such as 80387.

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