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GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals

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10.1 The Global targetm Variable

Variable: struct gcc_target targetm
The target `.c' file must define the global targetm variable which contains pointers to functions and data relating to the target machine. The variable is declared in `target.h'; `target-def.h' defines the macro TARGET_INITIALIZER which is used to initialize the variable, and macros for the default initializers for elements of the structure. The `.c' file should override those macros for which the default definition is inappropriate. For example:
#include "target.h"
#include "target-def.h"

/* Initialize the GCC target structure.  */

#define TARGET_COMP_TYPE_ATTRIBUTES machine_comp_type_attributes

struct gcc_target targetm = TARGET_INITIALIZER;

Where a macro should be defined in the `.c' file in this manner to form part of the targetm structure, it is documented below as a "Target Hook" with a prototype. Many macros will change in future from being defined in the `.h' file to being part of the targetm structure.

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