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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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20. Projects

If you want to contribute to g77 by doing research, design, specification, documentation, coding, or testing, the following information should give you some ideas. More relevant information might be available from ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/g77/projects/.

20.1 Improve Efficiency  Make g77 itself compile code faster.
20.2 Better Optimization  Teach g77 to generate faster code.
20.3 Simplify Porting  Make g77 easier to configure, build, and install.
20.4 More Extensions  Features many users won't know to ask for.
20.5 Machine Model  g77 should better leverage gcc.
20.6 Internals Documentation  Make maintenance easier.
20.7 Internals Improvements  Make internals more robust.
20.8 Better Diagnostics  Make using g77 on new code easier.

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