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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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15. Known Causes of Trouble with GNU Fortran

This section describes known problems that affect users of GNU Fortran. Most of these are not GNU Fortran bugs per se--if they were, we would fix them. But the result for a user might be like the result of a bug.

Some of these problems are due to bugs in other software, some are missing features that are too much work to add, and some are places where people's opinions differ as to what is best.

To find out about major bugs discovered in the current release and possible workarounds for them, see ftp://alpha.gnu.org/g77.plan.

(Note that some of this portion of the manual is lifted directly from the gcc manual, with minor modifications to tailor it to users of g77. Anytime a bug seems to have more to do with the gcc portion of g77, see section `Known Causes of Trouble with GCC' in Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).)

15.1 Bugs Not In GNU Fortran  Bugs really in other programs or elsewhere.
15.2 Known Bugs In GNU Fortran  Bugs known to be in this version of g77.
15.3 Missing Features  Features we already know we want to add later.
15.4 Disappointments and Misunderstandings  Regrettable things we can't change.
15.5 Certain Changes We Don't Want to Make  Things we think are right, but some others disagree.
15.6 Warning Messages and Error Messages  Which problems in your code get warnings, and which get errors.

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