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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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14.1 Advantages Over f2c

Without f2c, g77 would have taken much longer to do and probably not been as good for quite a while. Sometimes people who notice how much g77 depends on, and documents encouragement to use, f2c ask why g77 was created if f2c already existed.

This section gives some basic answers to these questions, though it is not intended to be comprehensive.

14.1.1 Language Extensions  Features used by Fortran code.
14.1.2 Diagnostic Abilities  Abilities to spot problems early.
14.1.3 Compiler Options  Features helpful to accommodate legacy code, etc.
14.1.4 Compiler Speed  Speed of the compilation process.
14.1.5 Program Speed  Speed of the generated, optimized code.
14.1.6 Ease of Debugging  Debugging ease-of-use at the source level.
14.1.7 Character and Hollerith Constants  A byte saved is a byte earned.

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