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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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8.7.1 Data Types

(Corresponds to Section 4.1 of ANSI X3.9-1978 FORTRAN 77.)

GNU Fortran supports these types:

  1. Integer (generic type INTEGER)

  2. Real (generic type REAL)

  3. Double precision

  4. Complex (generic type COMPLEX)

  5. Logical (generic type LOGICAL)

  6. Character (generic type CHARACTER)

  7. Double Complex

(The types numbered 1 through 6 above are standard FORTRAN 77 types.)

The generic types shown above are referred to in this document using only their generic type names. Such references usually indicate that any specific type (kind) of that generic type is valid.

For example, a context described in this document as accepting the COMPLEX type also is likely to accept the DOUBLE COMPLEX type.

The GNU Fortran language supports three ways to specify a specific kind of a generic type. Double Notation  As in DOUBLE COMPLEX. Star Notation  As in INTEGER*4. Kind Notation  As in INTEGER(KIND=1).

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