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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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DTime: REAL(KIND=1) function.


Intrinsic groups: badu77.


Initially, return the number of seconds of runtime since the start of the process's execution as the function value, and the user and system components of this in `TArray(1)' and `TArray(2)' respectively. The functions' value is equal to `TArray(1) + TArray(2)'.

Subsequent invocations of `DTIME()' return values accumulated since the previous invocation.

On some systems, the underlying timings are represented using types with sufficiently small limits that overflows (wraparounds) are possible, such as 32-bit types. Therefore, the values returned by this intrinsic might be, or become, negative, or numerically less than previous values, during a single run of the compiled program.

Due to the side effects performed by this intrinsic, the function form is not recommended.

For information on other intrinsics with the same name: See section DTime Intrinsic (subroutine).

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