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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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9.9 Distensions

The `-fugly-*' command-line options determine whether certain features supported by VAX FORTRAN and other such compilers, but considered too ugly to be in code that can be changed to use safer and/or more portable constructs, are accepted. These are humorously referred to as "distensions", extensions that just plain look ugly in the harsh light of day.

9.9.1 Implicit Argument Conversion  Disabled via `-fno-ugly-args'.
9.9.2 Ugly Assumed-Size Arrays  Enabled via `-fugly-assumed'.
9.9.4 Ugly Null Arguments  Enabled via `-fugly-comma'.
9.9.3 Ugly Complex Part Extraction  Enabled via `-fugly-complex'.
9.9.5 Ugly Conversion of Initializers  Disabled via `-fno-ugly-init'.
9.9.6 Ugly Integer Conversions  Enabled via `-fugly-logint'.
9.9.7 Ugly Assigned Labels  Enabled via `-fugly-assign'.

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