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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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9.6.1 Meaning of Double Quote

g77 treats double-quote (`"') as beginning an octal constant of INTEGER(KIND=1) type when the `-fvxt' option is specified. The form of this octal constant is


where octal-digits is a nonempty string of characters in the set `01234567'.

For example, the `-fvxt' option permits this:

PRINT *, "20

The above program would print the value `16'.

See section 8.7.3 Integer Type, for information on the preferred construct for integer constants specified using GNU Fortran's octal notation.

(In the GNU Fortran language, the double-quote character (`"') delimits a character constant just as does apostrophe (`''). There is no way to allow both constructs in the general case, since statements like `PRINT *,"2000 !comment?"' would be ambiguous.)

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