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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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9. Other Dialects

GNU Fortran supports a variety of features that are not considered part of the GNU Fortran language itself, but are representative of various dialects of Fortran that g77 supports in whole or in part.

Any of the features listed below might be disallowed by g77 unless some command-line option is specified. Currently, some of the features are accepted using the default invocation of g77, but that might change in the future.

Note: This portion of the documentation definitely needs a lot of work!

9.1 Source Form  Details of fixed-form and free-form source.
9.2 Trailing Comment  Use of `/*' to start a comment.
9.3 Debug Line  Use of `D' in column 1.
9.4 Dollar Signs in Symbol Names  Use of `$' in symbolic names.
9.5 Case Sensitivity  Uppercase and lowercase in source files.
9.6 VXT Fortran  ...versus the GNU Fortran language.
9.7 Fortran 90  ...versus the GNU Fortran language.
9.8 Pedantic Compilation  Enforcing the standard.
9.9 Distensions  Misfeatures supported by GNU Fortran.

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