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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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RShift(I, Shift)

RShift: INTEGER function, the `KIND=' value of the type being that of argument I.


Shift: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

Intrinsic groups: f2c.


Returns I shifted to the right Shift bits.

Although similar to the expression `I/(2**Shift)', there are important differences. For example, the sign of the result is undefined.

Currently this intrinsic is defined assuming the underlying representation of I is as a two's-complement integer. It is unclear at this point whether that definition will apply when a different representation is involved.

See section RShift Intrinsic, for the inverse of this function.

See section IShft Intrinsic, for information on a more widely available right-shifting intrinsic that is also more precisely defined.

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