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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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CALL MvBits(From, FromPos, Len, TO, ToPos)

From: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

FromPos: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

Len: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

TO: INTEGER with same `KIND=' value as for From; scalar; INTENT(INOUT).

ToPos: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

Intrinsic groups: mil, f90, vxt.


Moves Len bits from positions FromPos through `FromPos+Len-1' of From to positions ToPos through `FromPos+Len-1' of TO. The portion of argument TO not affected by the movement of bits is unchanged. Arguments From and TO are permitted to be the same numeric storage unit. The values of `FromPos+Len' and `ToPos+Len' must be less than or equal to `BIT_SIZE(From)'.

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