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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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LShift(I, Shift)

LShift: INTEGER function, the `KIND=' value of the type being that of argument I.


Shift: INTEGER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

Intrinsic groups: f2c.


Returns I shifted to the left Shift bits.

Although similar to the expression `I*(2**Shift)', there are important differences. For example, the sign of the result is not necessarily the same as the sign of I.

Currently this intrinsic is defined assuming the underlying representation of I is as a two's-complement integer. It is unclear at this point whether that definition will apply when a different representation is involved.

See section LShift Intrinsic, for the inverse of this function.

See section IShft Intrinsic, for information on a more widely available left-shifting intrinsic that is also more precisely defined.

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