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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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5.9 Options for Directory Search

These options affect how the cpp preprocessor searches for files specified via the #include directive. Therefore, when compiling Fortran programs, they are meaningful when the preprocessor is used.

Some of these options also affect how g77 searches for files specified via the INCLUDE directive, although files included by that directive are not, themselves, preprocessed. These options are:

These affect interpretation of the INCLUDE directive (as well as of the #include directive of the cpp preprocessor).

Note that `-Idir' must be specified without any spaces between `-I' and the directory name--that is, `-Ifoo/bar' is valid, but `-I foo/bar' is rejected by the g77 compiler (though the preprocessor supports the latter form). Also note that the general behavior of `-I' and INCLUDE is pretty much the same as of `-I' with #include in the cpp preprocessor, with regard to looking for `header.gcc' files and other such things.

See section `Options for Directory Search' in Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), for information on the `-I' option.

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