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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

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5. GNU Fortran Command Options

The g77 command supports all the options supported by the gcc command. See section `GCC Command Options' in Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), for information on the non-Fortran-specific aspects of the gcc command (and, therefore, the g77 command).

All gcc and g77 options are accepted both by g77 and by gcc (as well as any other drivers built at the same time, such as g++), since adding g77 to the gcc distribution enables acceptance of g77 options by all of the relevant drivers.

In some cases, options have positive and negative forms; the negative form of `-ffoo' would be `-fno-foo'. This manual documents only one of these two forms, whichever one is not the default.

5.1 Option Summary  Brief list of all g77 options, without explanations.
5.2 Options Controlling the Kind of Output  Controlling the kind of output: an executable, object files, assembler files, or preprocessed source.
5.3 Shorthand Options  Options that are shorthand for other options.
5.4 Options Controlling Fortran Dialect  Controlling the variant of Fortran language compiled.
5.5 Options to Request or Suppress Warnings  How picky should the compiler be?
5.6 Options for Debugging Your Program or GNU Fortran  Symbol tables, measurements, and debugging dumps.
5.7 Options That Control Optimization  How much optimization?
5.8 Options Controlling the Preprocessor  Controlling header files and macro definitions. Also, getting dependency information for Make.
5.9 Options for Directory Search  Where to find header files and libraries. Where to find the compiler executable files.
5.10 Options for Code Generation Conventions  Specifying conventions for function calls, data layout and register usage.
5.11 Environment Variables Affecting GNU Fortran  Env vars that affect GNU Fortran.

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