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The C Preprocessor

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`#' operator3.4 Stringification
`##' operator3.5 Concatenation

_Pragma7. Pragmas

alternative tokens1.2 Tokenization
arguments3.3 Macro Arguments
arguments in macro definitions3.3 Macro Arguments
assertions11.3.1 Assertions
assertions, cancelling11.3.1 Assertions

backslash-newline1.1 Initial processing
block comments1.1 Initial processing

C++ named operators3.7.4 C++ Named Operators
character constants1.2 Tokenization
character sets1.1 Initial processing
command line12. Invocation
commenting out code4.3 Deleted Code
comments1.1 Initial processing
common predefined macros3.7.2 Common Predefined Macros
computed includes2.5 Computed Includes
concatenation3.5 Concatenation
conditional group4.2.1 Ifdef
conditionals4. Conditionals
continued lines1.1 Initial processing
controlling macro2.4 Once-Only Headers

defined4.2.3 Defined
dependencies for make as output13. Environment Variables
dependencies for make as output13. Environment Variables
dependencies, make12. Invocation
diagnostic5. Diagnostics
differences from previous versions11.4 Differences from previous versions
digraphs1.2 Tokenization
directive line1.3 The preprocessing language
directive name1.3 The preprocessing language
directives1.3 The preprocessing language

empty macro arguments3.3 Macro Arguments
environment variables13. Environment Variables
expansion of arguments3.9.6 Argument Prescan

FDL, GNU Free Documentation LicenseGNU Free Documentation License
function-like macros3.2 Function-like Macros

grouping options12. Invocation
guard macro2.4 Once-Only Headers

header file2. Header Files
header file names1.2 Tokenization

identifiers1.2 Tokenization
implementation limits11.2 Implementation limits
implementation-defined behavior11.1 Implementation-defined behavior
including just once2.4 Once-Only Headers
invalid token paste11.3.3 Miscellaneous obsolete features
invocation12. Invocation
iso646.h3.7.4 C++ Named Operators

line comments1.1 Initial processing
line control6. Line Control
line endings1.1 Initial processing
linemarkers9. Preprocessor Output

macro argument expansion3.9.6 Argument Prescan
macros in include2.5 Computed Includes
macros with arguments3.3 Macro Arguments
macros with variable arguments3.6 Variadic Macros
make12. Invocation
manifest constants3.1 Object-like Macros
multi-line string constants11.3.3 Miscellaneous obsolete features

named operators3.7.4 C++ Named Operators
newlines in macro arguments3.9.7 Newlines in Arguments
null directive8. Other Directives
numbers1.2 Tokenization

object-like macro3.1 Object-like Macros
options12. Invocation
options, grouping12. Invocation
other tokens1.2 Tokenization
output format9. Preprocessor Output
overriding a header file2.6 Wrapper Headers

parentheses in macro bodies3.9.2 Operator Precedence Problems
pitfalls of macros3.9 Macro Pitfalls
pragma poison11.3.3 Miscellaneous obsolete features
predefined macros3.7 Predefined Macros
predefined macros, system-specific3.7.3 System-specific Predefined Macros
predicates11.3.1 Assertions
preprocessing directives1.3 The preprocessing language
preprocessing numbers1.2 Tokenization
preprocessing tokens1.2 Tokenization
prescan of macro arguments3.9.6 Argument Prescan
problems with macros3.9 Macro Pitfalls
punctuators1.2 Tokenization

redefining macros3.8 Undefining and Redefining Macros
repeated inclusion2.4 Once-Only Headers
reporting errors5. Diagnostics
reporting warnings5. Diagnostics
reserved namespace3.7.3 System-specific Predefined Macros

self-reference3.9.5 Self-Referential Macros
semicolons (after macro calls)3.9.3 Swallowing the Semicolon
side effects (in macro arguments)3.9.4 Duplication of Side Effects
standard predefined macros.3.7.1 Standard Predefined Macros
string constants1.2 Tokenization
string literals1.2 Tokenization
stringification3.4 Stringification
symbolic constants3.1 Object-like Macros
system header files2. Header Files
system header files2.7 System Headers
system-specific predefined macros3.7.3 System-specific Predefined Macros

testing predicates11.3.1 Assertions
token concatenation3.5 Concatenation
token pasting3.5 Concatenation
tokens1.2 Tokenization
trigraphs1.1 Initial processing

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