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Gcal 3.01

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I.2 Table of Obsolete Date Format Elements

This table opposes all obsolete date format elements as they may be used in the date format text of the `--date-format' option (see section Calendar option `--date-format=de|us|gb|text'), and their new representation, as used by Gcal 3.01 now:

Symbolic name Old-style New-style
%day number %d == %>02*D
%day number +LS %D == %>2*D
%day number +LZ ONS %u == %02&*D
%day number +LS ONS %U == %>2&*D
%complete month name %B == %U
%3-letter month name %b == %<3#U
%month number +LZ %m == %>02*M
%month number +LS %M == %>2*M
%complete year number +LZ %y == %>04*Y
%complete year number +LZ %Y == %>4*Y
%last-2-digits year number +LZ %z == %>02#Y
%last-2-digits year number +LS %Z == %>2#Y
%complete weekday name %A == %K
%3-letter weekday name %W == %<3#K
%2-letter weekday name %w == %<2#K


+LZ == With leading zero(es)
+LS == With leading space(s)
ONS == With Ordinal Number suffix

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