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Gcal 3.01

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G.3 Shell command %![argument] special text

The argument which trails %! until the end of the line, is passed to the shell as a command for further processing. But before, all text variable references and %?... special texts for replacing particular texts which are given in argument are interpreted by Gcal. See section 5.1.9 Text variables, and %?... special texts for text replacement. All leading text before the %! special text is processed by Gcal as usual. If the simple `--debug' respectively `--debug=internal' option is given at program start-up, informational messages about the executed command and its exit code will be shown on the standard error channel (see section Global option `--debug=internal').

If the `--debug=abort' option is given, the Gcal program will be aborted with an error code in case an exit code not equal zero has occurred during the execution of the command. See section Error Code 2, and Global option `--debug=abort', for further information.

Use the `--execute-command' option if you want to execute all %![argument] special texts by the shell instead of seeing them textually only. See section Fixed date option `--execute-command', for more details.

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