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Gcal 3.01

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G.2.2 Replacements with other argument %[format]?[argument] special texts

G.2.2.1 Actual clocktime %[format]?[argument] special texts  
G.2.2.2 Textual date %n[argument] special text  
G.2.2.3 Julian day number %[format]j[argument] special text  
G.2.2.4 Geographical distance and course angle %[format]bargument special text  
G.2.2.5 Sun data %[format]?argument special texts  
G.2.2.6 Moon data %[format]?argument special texts  
G.2.2.7 Environment variable %[format]-[argument] special text  

Apart from different representations of the actual system time, a fixed format date text can be created. Moreover, it is possible to produce a day number, which bears the Julian date as base date and which can be deferred if needed. Furthermore, the approximate distance and the course angle between two geographic point locations, and different Sun and Moon oriented data and times for at pleasure any geographical location can be created. It is also possible to display the contents of environment variables in the fixed date text.

For the argument these %?[argument] special texts may have, no special rules concerning definite omission values are valid.

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