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Gcal 3.01

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G.2 %?... special texts for text replacement

G.2.1 Replacements with date argument %?[date] special texts  
G.2.2 Replacements with other argument %[format]?[argument] special texts  
G.2.3 Replacements without any argument %? special texts  

%?... special texts which are replaced by particular texts at program run-time causes the interspersing of data into the fixed date text, which quality is essentially depending on the command line arguments given for running the program. The complete special text is always replaced accordingly in output if the fixed date text must be displayed.

Cleverly combined, these special texts also offer very effective mechanisms used for the definition of particular texts in a highly flexible manner, for example:

0*d1#999 Every day of year: Today is %K, the %n (%N)

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