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Gcal 3.01

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5.1.3 Further date part attributes Lists of days  How Lists of days can be used. Ranges of days  How Ranges of days can be used. Repetition factor of days  How to use such a factor. Appearance factor of days  How to use such a factor.

The date part --which is leading a fixed date text of a Gcal resource file line-- may be provided with further attributes, that are either specifications of lists of days or ranges of days, which provide the information at which date a fixed date happens. More further attributes are the repetition factor as well as the appearance factor.

All of those date parts in a Gcal resource file line, which are structured as follows, may generally be provided with further attributes:

If the date part is supplied with further attributes and the year of the fixed date is not given in a concrete manner, i.e. the year yyyy is set to zero, such kinds of fixed dates are only computed correctly in simple year bounds --which means during a current year-- and not in fixed dates shown after the current year has changed, e.g. in fiscal years.

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