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Gcal 3.01

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List of specified months of the current year, e.g.:

gcal 1,5,12
gcal 3,1,5,3
gcal june,9,jan

List of months in specified year, e.g.:

gcal 1/1992,5,12/2001
gcal june/1991,9/1801,jan

`mm,...,mm yyyy'
List of specified months of selected year, e.g.:

gcal 3,7 1999
gcal 1,dec,july 1777

List of specified years, e.g.:

gcal 1992;1777;1899

List of specified fiscal years, e.g.:

gcal 7:1999;8:1992;April:3

Other valid lists:

Mixed list of months consisting of: `mm mm/yyyy'

gcal 6,8,3/1999,feb/3,january

Mixed list of fiscal years of the given / actual year consisting of: `mm: :yyyy mm:yyyy yyyy'

gcal 3:;1994;february:1999;:1777;JAN:

List of fiscal years of the actual year consisting of: `mm:'

gcal 3:;august:;DEC:

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