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Gcal 3.01

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Gcal 3.01

This file documents gcal, a program for calculating and printing calendars.

Gcal displays hybrid and proleptic Julian and Gregorian calendar sheets, respectively, for one month, three months or a whole year. It also displays eternal holiday lists for many countries around the globe, and features a very powerful creation of fixed date lists that can be used for reminding purposes. Gcal can calculate various astronomical data and times of the Sun and the Moon for at pleasure any location, precisely enough for most civil purposes. Gcal supports some other calendar systems, for example the Chinese calendar, the Hebrew calendar and the civil Islamic calendar, too.

This is Edition 3.01 of Gcal, an Extended Calendar Program,
24 June 2000, for the 3.01 version of the GNU implementation
of cal and calendar.

Any suggestions, improvements, extensions, bug reports, donations, proposals for contract work, and so forth are welcome! Please send them directly to my eMail address esken@gmx.net. If you like my work, I'd appreciate a postcard from you!

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Thomas Esken               O     (/o-o\)     O  eMail: esken@gmx.net
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1. Preface  Preliminary remarks to Gcal.
2. Gcal Introduction  Gcal in brief.
3. Invoking gcal  How to run and use the gcal program.
4. Eternal Holidays  How to create an Eternal Holiday list.
5. Fixed Dates  How to create a Fixed Date list.


A. Genesis of the Gregorian Calendar  
B. Gcal Utilities  Utility programs which are part of the distribution.
C. Aspects in Internationalization  Aspects of Internationalization been made.
D. Metasymbols  Metasymbols used in this manual.
E. Regular Expressions  Description of all Regular Expressions.
F. Summary of all Regular Expressions  
G. %?... Special Texts  Description of all %?... Special Texts.
H. Summary of all %?... Special Texts  
I. Obsolete Special Texts and Format Elements  Tables of obsolete Special Texts et cetera.
J. Format Instruction  Description of the Format Instruction components.
K. Coding Scheme  Coding Scheme of date part in resource file.
L. Environment Variables  Used Environment Variables.
M. Error Codes  Which Error Codes does Gcal return?
N. Glossary  Short descriptions of the terms used here.


Command Line Argument Index  Index of Command line arguments respected.
Environment Variable Index  Index of Environment Variables used.
Table Index  Index of Tables that can be found in this manual.
Concept Index  A menu covering many topics.

  -- The Detailed Node Listing ---

Invoking Gcal

3.1 Command line arguments  
3.2 The GCAL environment variable  How to use the GCAL environment variable.

Command line arguments

3.1.1 Options  How to use Options.
3.1.2 Response file  How to use a `@file' Response file.
3.1.3 Actual date modifier  How to use a `%date' Actual date modifier.
3.1.4 Commands  How to use Commands.

Options Common options  How to use Common options. Global options  How to use Global options. Calendar options  How to use Calendar options. Fixed date options  How to use Fixed date options.

Commands Single commands  How to use a Single command. 3-Month mode commands  How to use a 3-Month mode command. Lists of commands  How to use a List of commands. Ranges of commands  How to use a Range of commands.

Fixed Dates

5.1 Resource file  How to use a Resource file.
5.2 Resource file examples  Examples of Resource file entries.

Resource file

5.1.1 Structure of resource file  How to write a Resource file.
5.1.2 Date part of a line  How to write the Date part.
5.1.3 Further date part attributes  What are Further date part attributes?
5.1.4 Text part of a line  How to write the Text part.
5.1.5 %?... Special Texts  What are %?... Special Texts?
5.1.6 Comment line  What is a Comment line?
5.1.7 Include directives  What are Include directives?
5.1.8 Date variables  How Date variables can be used.
5.1.9 Text variables  How Text variables can be used.

Further date part attributes Lists of days  How Lists of days can be used. Ranges of days  How Ranges of days can be used. Repetition factor of days  How to use such a factor. Appearance factor of days  How to use such a factor.

Gcal Utilities

B.1 Invoking tcal  How to run tcal and a summary of its options.
B.2 Invoking txt2gcal  How to run txt2gcal and a summary of its options.
B.3 Invoking gcal2txt  How to run gcal2txt and a summary of its options.

Regular Expressions

E.1 How to Use Regular Expressions  
E.2 Regular Expression Operators  

Special Texts

G.1 %?... special texts for date exclusion  How to Exclude dates.
G.2 %?... special texts for text replacement  How to Replace texts.
G.3 Shell command %![argument] special text  How to run a Shell Command.


G.1.1 Exclusions with date argument %?[date] special texts  
G.1.2 Exclusions without any argument %? special texts  

Exclusions with date argument

G.1.1.1 Inclusive date period %i[date][#[date]] special text  
G.1.1.2 Exclusive date period %e[date][#[date]] special text  

Exclusions without any argument

G.1.2.1 Inclusive day period %? special texts  
G.1.2.2 Exclusive day period %? special texts  


G.2.1 Replacements with date argument %?[date] special texts  
G.2.2 Replacements with other argument %[format]?[argument] special texts  
G.2.3 Replacements without any argument %? special texts  

Replacements with date argument

G.2.1.1 Weekday name %[format]K[date] special text  
G.2.1.2 Weekday number %[format]?[date] special texts  
G.2.1.3 Day-of-year number %[format]N[date] special text  
G.2.1.4 Day number %[format]D[date] special text  
G.2.1.5 Week number %k[date] special text  
G.2.1.6 Month name %[format]U[date] special text  
G.2.1.7 Month number %[format]M[date] special text  
G.2.1.8 Year number %[format]Y[date] special text  
G.2.1.9 Moon phase %[format]?[date] special texts  
G.2.1.10 Biorhythm %?[date] special texts  
G.2.1.11 Difference value %[format]?[date] special texts  

Replacements with other argument

G.2.2.1 Actual clocktime %[format]?[argument] special texts  
G.2.2.2 Textual date %n[argument] special text  
G.2.2.3 Julian day number %[format]j[argument] special text  
G.2.2.4 Geographical distance and course angle %[format]bargument special text  
G.2.2.5 Sun data %[format]?argument special texts  
G.2.2.6 Moon data %[format]?argument special texts  
G.2.2.7 Environment variable %[format]-[argument] special text  

Replacements without any argument

G.2.3.1 Difference value %[format]? special texts  
G.2.3.2 Highlighting %? special texts  

Obsolete Special Texts

I.1 Table of Obsolete Special Texts  
I.2 Table of Obsolete Date Format Elements  
I.3 Table of Obsolete Date Formats  

Coding Scheme

K.1 Coding Scheme Table 1  
K.2 Coding Scheme Table 2  

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