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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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5.5 Using printf Statements for Fancier Printing

For more precise control over the output format than what is normally provided by print, use printf. printf can be used to specify the width to use for each item, as well as various formatting choices for numbers (such as what output base to use, whether to print an exponent, whether to print a sign, and how many digits to print after the decimal point). This is done by supplying a string, called the format string, that controls how and where to print the other arguments.

5.5.1 Introduction to the printf Statement  Syntax of the printf statement.
5.5.2 Format-Control Letters  Format-control letters.
5.5.3 Modifiers for printf Formats  Format-specification modifiers.
5.5.4 Examples Using printf  Several examples.

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